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June 2013
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Why Engagement Videos

Why Engagement Videos

ILE is always looking for better ways to service our Bride and Grooms. Engagement video came about as an answer to a few questions.

  • How do we inform both families along with friends of the true feelings that the Bride and Groom share for one another?
  • When there are skeptical guess attending the wedding day festivities how do we put them at ease?
  • How do we impress the bride and groom’s true feelings upon their guest in a way where all can receive at the same time without taking away from the day?


We have serviced many weddings and in our experience we know that some guess will attend with skepticism on their minds. Sometimes parents are a little leery and could use some assurance as to the love, stability, and longevity the Bride and Groom share for one another. By trial and error we have fined tuned our approach with our Engagement Video to answer and solidify these questions and as well as many others that may arise. We have this video prepared for your wedding reception to debut at your convenience. Normally it is played during the end of dinner to keep festivity scheduling on point. The video is no more than 5 to 7 minutes keeping it short enough to keep the guess from getting restless, and long enough to include what is needed. Below is a sample engagement video. Take a look and imagine how you would want your video structured for your special day.

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